Need An SEO Expert's Opinion

mooton Posts 11
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Need An SEO Expert's Opinion

Whats your opinion on this article?

It says you need 40% brand name anchors.
Edy Posts 12
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I would say that the information from that site are wrong, about the brand name anchors I think that he considered the money keywords and money keyword percent is recommended to be smaller than 40%, and about generic keywords they recommend 20% which is totally wrong.

The generic keywords should be minimum 60%, most of SEO experts use 80-90% generic keywords to make the backlink profile as natural as possible, many people write a lot of things about anchor text, but they never make any tests.
Nick Posts 29
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Hello Mooton, don't spend too much time finding the right percentage for anchors, our tests shows that is good to have about 70% or more generic keywords and the rest of anchor percentage is not so important as long you have many generic anchors.

If you try to investigate a site that have all backlinks made naturally by people that have no idea what SEO means, you will realize that 90% of backlinks will be generic keywords, so to make a natural backlink profile make sure you have many generic keywords added to this section : 

by default it exists 7 generic keywords in that cell, you can find more generic keywords here (look for orange color post made by Joshua).
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