Money Robot the best link building software for high quality backlinks

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Money Robot the best link building software for high quality backlinks

Hi guys, after months of testing all seo tools for link building I decide to make a small review of Money Robot, presenting the most important reasons that makes Money Robot Software the best tool on the market, for those of you that don't used the MR software yet, here you can see some images of his interface :

And the next image will show you the seo campaign window :

Why is Money Robot the best link building software for high quality backlinks ?

They are many features that make MR software the best link building tool on market, I will mention only a several features :

1. The software is the single automated backlink builder software that is really building high quality backlinks from authorities sites, most of the sites that are listed to the software have page rank 5-9 here you can see a list of sites listed at this moment to the software :

2. The software is using 100% human simulating submissions, it is the single software that is simulating 100% human submissions, and it is the single software that has really allowed users to view everything that the software is doing in the background, the software makes the manual submissions fully automated.
3. It have the best seo diagrams that are very powerful and offers the best seo diagram designer compared with any other seo software.
4. Almost daily updates to the Money Robot application (most of link building software offers 3-4 updates per year), Money Robot offers almost daily updates containing new website lists and features added to the software.
5. The software is very simple to use and it has 600-700 users and a nice community that shares together their seo knowledges and techniques.
6. MR software is able to auto create good and unique articles, it have the MR article builder , this feature is designed to create articles related to your keywords, the articles are created in 10-15 seconds and the quality of articles is better and better, this feature saves a lot of time.
7. The number of high quality sites added into the software are bigger than all seo software combined ! This makes MR software the best seo software from the market.
8. It is the single blog creator software that is able to create blogs on most of the high quality blog platforms like wordpress com, tumbrl com, etc.
9. The software is not using "socket based method of submissions" that method is a spammy method of submission. Money Robot is using browser submission which is 100% real human simulation for submissions, this submission is actually identically 100% like human submissions.
10. It had over 7000 sites already included in the software and it has the ability to add unlimited sites inside the software.
11. The software never crashes, it is very stable and you can start it and go to the vacancy, and when you are back from vacation you will still see the software running perfectly.
12. it has a very good article spinner feature included in the campaign window that will allow you to fast spin your article, the article spinner feature will create unlimited variations of articles from just one article.

Thanks for reading my post, and please guys you can add extra features and reasons why MR is the best link builder software that exist.
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