Money Robot installation process tutorial

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Money Robot installation process tutorial

Hey guys, this is my simple Money Robot tutorial for beginners, the installation of software is very simple, but hope my tutorial will help specially the novice users.

Open the website and press on the download button and save/run the setup file (MoneyRobotSetup.exe):

Run the MoneyRobotSetup.exe file.

Press Yes when the next notification will appear :

Press next again to start the installation process of the Money Robot Submitter software.

Accept the agreement by selecting "I accept the agreement" and then click on next button again.

You can now select the preferred location for the installation folder (I usually recommend to use the default folder for the installation) and click on next button.

Now you can select start menu name (use default name) and press next button or Enter key to continue.

Make sure the "create a desktop icon" is selected and hit the next button.

Now the installation is prepared to start copying files from the setup file, just press on install Button.
The installation process will take about 10 seconds, no need to do anything at this moment just sit back and relax.

Installation is ready now, just press on finish button and the software will automatically open and start.

Now the software is started, you need to press on "You don't have an account ? Click Here" and insert your e-mail address and check your e-mail.

If the e-mail will not arrive in 2 minutes, check your spam folder or use other e-mail, it is recommended to use g-mail or yahoo e-mails.

Here you can see a video about how to insert your license key to the software, take a look to this link, if you have any question, please write me here on the page and I will respond you fast,
Cheers !

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