How to post to the accounts that I have already created with Money Robot ?

William Posts 7
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How to post to the accounts that I have already created with Money Robot ?

Hello guys, I have a lot of accounts in the "My accounts" section, and I want to use them so I will save the captcha cost, I know that is possible to use the software without spending any money on captcha but I don't know how to do this. thank you
Robert Posts 5
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Hi William, here is a video tutorial from Nick, it will help you to save up to 100% of captcha costs, I personally spend 0 money on captcha for over one month and there are more advantages doing that, take a look at the video.

Here are the advantages of re-using of the same accounts:

1. you will save up to 100% of captcha costs (depends on the diagram you are using), it saved me a lot of money running on my already made accounts.
2. it provides better rankings, because each blogs will receive more posts, and each blog will be more powerful and will provide more power to your money site.
3. the time needed for a campaign to end is much lower (70% lower time) because the process of creation of accounts doesn't exist anymore, and also the process of e-mail verification is not existing, so a lot more speed in creating of the campaigns.
Cheers !
Joshua Posts 8
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Amazing tool :), I love Money Robot more and more, this feature save the captcha money and in the same time makes the blogs much more powerful, thank you Robert for the tutorial !!
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