Google website ranking and image ranking case study

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Google website ranking and image ranking case study

Hello guys , we run a recent seo case study to rank a couple keywords on google and also on google images,( we used Money Robot software ), we run 8 campaigns using this diagram 54EABM61 (this is the 1>3>12 diagram) and 6 campaigns using 48B18GJC diagram. 

We only target two keywords and 2 URLs during the case study, here are the keywords that we targeted:

Best seo diagram 
Best seo diagrams

Here are the targeted URLs : 
URL 1 :

URL 2 :

This case study was run together with more clients, more sites and keywords were ranked in the same time, I made this post for Idris (one of our client that he is also ranking images and needed some help).

I will make now and post here more images with the ranking results, I want to mention that the results needed about 3 weeks to appear (first results were visible in 2 weeks), I will continue to run about 6 more campaigns (the results should improve more).

Here are the actual results:

For the keyword Best seo diagrams (you will see more interesting things):

You will notice that the 3 images are ranking on first 3 positions (the niche is not high, however it has a lot of big competitors), also you may notice that the images don't have too many colors (they probably don't attract people to click fast on them, a lot of other colorful diagrams exists.)

What I want to mention is that on the first and second positions on google you will notice 2 pages of this forum (the ones that we rank), the images and also the site URLs were visible in the same time on google results, initially only the first URL was visible and only one image, then after one more week the second page and 2 more images also appear on google results.

Here is an image with the google results for Best seo diagram (none plural keyword) :

The results are similar, this image will show you how I set up one of the campaigns (I want to mention that we added also the images URLs inside the campaign URL section):
The campaign creation process was simple (2 and 3 URLs and we used 2 keywords only for all the 14 campaigns).

What I want to mention is that more keywords are also ranked, the keywords : Seo diagram and seo diagrams are also ranking (both image and URLs), here is an image :

Because the keywords "seo diagram/seo diagrams" were similar, they also ranked well, even if they were never targeted directly. I just verified and all those ranked keywords combined bring about 32-40 daily visitors to both pages.

I want to mention that we noticed more important things related to image rankings, if you will check the source code of the page you will notice this : 

We didn't use the image alt tag (we totally remove it), alt tags are useful , but never add the exact money keyword inside the alt tag, because alt tags with exact money keywords will actually results in ranking penalization. So in case you will rank Seo diagram word, never add exact match keyword inside your alt tag of the image.

I want to mention that the main targeted keyword "Best seo diagrams" exists in the page title and inside the page content, here is an on page seo report run by :

The one page seo score is 10/10 (I always recommend to make sure your on page seo score is good, verifyseo will help you to find most of the problems that can exist on your page.)

I will continue to run 6 more diagrams (there will be 20 campaigns totally for those keywords), even if I will stop seo campaigns soon for those pages I'm sure the rankings will remain good for a long time.

I will continue to make constant new case studies here on the forum , I hope you like this seo case study (you noticed that I'm using in this post more keywords because I will soon start to create more campaigns for this page also) and I will rank it for more keywords related to seo case study and Google website ranking.
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Here is a small case study update , yesterday there were 3 images ranked on google, now they are 4 images ranked , here is the update :

I didn't expect to see one more image ranked, I have probably never seen before 4 images ranked on the first positions from the same site. 
I want to mention that I have re-used the MR (Money Robot software) accounts about 4-5 times until now (the accounts made for best seo diagrams keyword).

I build totally 20 campaigns and I started one more case study to rank this page (this case study page) for a couple keywords, I will also run for the new case study about 20 campaigns , I hope in one week this page will also start to rank well and I will show you the results.
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Fantastic case study!

I need to rank images and now I see the path forward.

Here are some questions:

(1) When you run your diagrams in MR, do you switch to Advance mode and then tweak the percentage of "GENERIC KEYWORDS"
(1.1) If so, how many percent of the "GENERIC KEYWORDS" did you use?

(2) I see that the campaign setting shown was for the IMAGES... did you run 20 campaigns for URLs and 20 campaigns for IMAGES?

(3) How many days did both the IMAGES and URLs run for? I see you selected "RUN NOW" for the IMAGES campaign...

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That was a detailed information, thanks for sharing
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Hi there, I will reply now to your questions:

1. Yes, in Money Robot I use the advanced section to select the category where I want to save the accounts, and I use the standard MR settings for the generic keywords (90% generic keywords).

2. Both images and keywords they basically rank at the same time (almost the same time), I created 25 or 26 campaigns totally until now.

3. the campaigns run for about 3-4 weeks totally.
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Hi guys, I have some news, even if I have stopped the campaigns for over 3 weeks the rankings continued to improve, one of the pages that we rank, it just jump before the images, basically it "outrank" all the google images ( including the ones that we ranked), this is the URL :  , this page it embedding the image that is listed at position one in the image section.

About the first three images we ranked, they remained in the same position (in the image section).
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ohh, It such a great start to help many SEOs...
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Excellent Thread. In this post whole information about web and image ranking through SEO.
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Thanks for sharing this nice info. I have done website SEO so far. But never done for image ranking. lol
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Hi, Nick,

Thanks for this brilliant information! When you rerun the campaigns how many accounts did you build before you reused them?

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